The Purfect Accessories For Your Cat

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Owning a cat doesn’t mean you can’t keep your home looking pretty. With a little know-how, you can keep your pet accessories in-line with the rest of your home.

Cat Bowls

These are likely to be in highly visible, thoroughfare spaces like your kitchen or living room, so aim to select materials that complement the rest of your decoration.

Several brands create stylish bamboo bowls in a neutral colour to help them blend in. This ones from The General Pet Store for $54.99 are a great example.

Or if you’re looking for a more minimalist design, this bowl from Petco could be yours for just $9.99.

Our favourite one has to be this ceramic bowl from Papaya

Litter Box

The biggest pain in owning a cat! A brightly-coloured, plastic litter box can easily ruin an otherwise well-thought-out living room. To maximise your space and hide something we’d all rather not think about, we have created timeless cat litter box furniture that don’t look like litter boxes at all, but rather small cabinets. They're simple to clean, limit any unpleasant smells and stop the litter your cat tries to throw around the room.

Cat Bed

Give your cat somewhere comfortable to sleep while also complementing your room. A few brands have released some simple and cute cat beds. These are some of our favourites.

If you’re after Scandi style, try this design by Meyou Paris for 299 Euros (approx. $480).

For the rattan lovers, Cox & Cox sell this very on-trend Pet Cocoon for GBP 95 (approx. $170).

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, this lovely tent from Temple & Webster should fit the bill for $54.95.

For something completely different (or a cat who thinks it’s a pirate), you can even get your cat a mini hammock for ultimate relaxation.


Luckily, cute cat toys are easier to find than other cat accessories. Easily accessible stores like Kmart or Target have a range including toys in neutral colours to remain discrete in your home.

The AMA Studio Interiors cat, Moustache loves this adorable lambswool mouse from Pet Warehouse.

Because cats love playing hide-and-seek, Pidan has designed this adorable cat tunnel. You can spoil your cat with this new toy for $69.99.


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