How to style the perfect home office

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Your home office should be somewhere you feel at ease, no matter if it's for full-time work, occasional working from home or personal paperwork and projects. I’m sharing some of my best tips to create a stylish and practical home office or study that makes you actually want to work.

Tip #1 - Maximise natural light

If you work from home regularly, getting natural light in your home office is even more important than in other rooms of your home as you will be there during the day. Without natural light, you will feel tired and might end up working on the dining table or the sofa. So, make sure you set up your home office in a well-lit area and maximise its luminosity with light colour tones (white walls will make your space look brighter). Place your desk near a window but ensure your laptop is facing the other way to avoid reflection in the screen.

Good lighting is also very important for working in the evenings. Always favour warm light globes to create a cosy atmosphere. Choose a stylish desk lamp and add some additional indirect light sources. A beautiful pendant light or desk lamp can make a statement in your home office.

Images: Praxis | Pinterest | Northern Lighting

Tip #2 - Choose the right desk

The type of desk you’ll need depends on how you use your home office. If your home office is located in your living room or a bedroom, make sure your desk matches the rest of your decor and isn’t too big or too small in the space. If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated room for your office, you’ve got more flexibility in the type of desk you can choose.

If you simply need a place to set up your laptop, a small desk will work fine, if, on the other hand, you have a more creative job like me that requires room to spread out then make sure you purchase a desk that is big enough or you will regret it!

And for a unique home office full of personality, why not opt for a beautiful vintage desk?

Images: @alma_interieurs⁠ | Homes To Love | Daily Dream Decor

Tip #3 - Invest in a comfortable chair

If you only use your home office occasionally, pick any chair that matches your style. However, if you spend a substantial amount of time at your desk, make sure you invest in a good quality chair that will provide support for your back. I guarantee you it’s an investment you won’t regret. To disguise an office chair that looks a bit boring, try placing a sheepskin or beautiful throw on it, it can completely change how it looks.

If you’ve got enough space, an extra occasional chair can be a great addition to your home office. It gives you another place for off-screen work and can be used by your partner if you need his/her opinion on something (mine is our cat’s favourite spot to spend the afternoon!).

Images: Sarah Sherman Samuel | Emmanuelle Simon Architecture

Tip #4 - Define the space with a rug

Like for any other room, a rug will define the space, add texture and make your home office feel cosier.

Images: Saffron Bloom Interiors | Pinterest

Tip #5 - Minimise clutter

Above all, your working space needs to be practical. Keeping it decluttered will help you be more creative and productive. So don’t forget about electrical outlets, USB ports and storage.

If you share your home office with your partner, two desks next to each other or opposite one another will be better than sharing one if possible. Everyone should have their own space.

Images: @artem_babayants_architects | Brittni Mehlhoff | Insplosion

Tip #6 - Add plants

Plants not only look beautiful, but they are also relaxing and good for your health so make sure you’ve got a few plants in your home office. If you don’t have a green thumb, ZZ plants, snake plants, succulents and peace lilies are all great low-maintenance options.

And why not add a beautiful bunch of fresh-cut flowers to your desk?

Images: | Pinterest

Tip #7 - Show off your personality

Your home office should reflect your personality. Hang some artwork or photos on the walls. Place your favourite candle on your desk for a nice fragrance and a calming effect. Choose some beautiful stationery (Kikki.k has great affordable notebooks and pens for instance) and make sure they match your colour scheme. Memo boards and pegboards are also great options to inspire and motivate you. They help you keep sight of your objectives and track priorities.

If you’ve always wanted to use wallpaper but haven’t found the right place to put it, your home office could be the perfect space for a wallpaper feature wall.

Vintage pieces will also make the space more personal (and less straight out of a showroom!). It can be anything from an old wooden desk to an antique Moroccan rug or a vintage lamp.

Images: Pella Hedeby | Friday Five | Petra Bindel | @brookandpeony

I hope these tips have inspired you to redesign your home office! Working in a place that you love and that looks like you is one of the many benefits of working from home. If you need professional advice to style your home office, don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to help you create the perfect space!


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