DIY #3 - Raffia Wall Light

Wall light options are pretty limited and the only ones I really liked were out of stock, so I decided to try to make a similar one. Spoiler: it worked and I loved it so much I decided to make a second one in a different shape!

Many of you have been asking about these lights so I've put together this article so you can make yourself one.

What you need:

  • Brass Wire - I ordered 10m of 3.00mm brass wire from Badger Wire for $13 (you can do at least 3 or 4 lights with this length)

  • Raffia - I purchased mine from The Raffia Connection. I got 250g of the Natural Un-dyed raffia (250g) for $17. Again, this is enough for 3 or 4 lights

  • Soldering Iron - You don't need a fancy one, the first price from Bunnings is perfectly fine and only costs $18

  • Some extra solder - under $5 from Bunnings

  • A plier that is strong enough to cut the brass wire - $10

Total cost:

$63 for 3 wall lights!


This DIY took me about 2.5 hours per light

Step 1. Make the frame

- Cut the brass wire pieces you will need for the frame (you can make any shape/size you'd like). Don't forget to make an attach for the electrical fittings to be installed. Make sure your light bulb will sit as far as possible from the raffia so it doesn't catch fire with the heat of the bulb!

- Bend them to make the shape you want. I used some bowls to make even arcs

- Use your soldering iron and some solder to join the brass pieces together and make the frame (don't worry if it looks a bit messy at this stage, the solder won't be visible as it will be covered with the raffia)

Step 2. Wrap the frame in raffia

- This takes some time so now is a good time to start watching a good movie on Netflix

- Wrap the frame with the raffia and make sure you hide all these messy parts well

- Once you get to the end of your raffia string, tie it to a new one and continue until the entire frame is wrapped in raffia

Step 3. Weave the raffia

- Weave the raffia between the arcs of the frame

- Once again, when you get to the end of your raffia string, tie it to a new one and continue until the entire frame is done (make sure the knots are on the inside so they are not visible)

- Don't put too much pressure on the frame so you don't accidentally distort it

Step 4. Install your beautiful sconce on the wall!

- You can either have it installed by an electrician and wired in the wall

- Or if you're in a rental you can use something like this and simply plug it into a power plug

Et voila! You've got a beautiful wall sconce to illuminate your living room, bedroom, home office or bathroom! 💡


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